A Financial Plan for YOU

In a world where your dreams define your direction, cookie-cutter financial plans miss the mark. At Ocean City Financial Group, we’re all about guiding your unique financial journey. Here’s a glimpse into how we blend personal insights with smart financial tools to discover your real needs, desires, and wishes.

Your Story, Your Plan

We kick things off with a chat – a chance for us to really get your story, your hopes, and your ambitions. Then, we bring in some really clever financial tools. These tools crunch the numbers, look at where you’re at, and help sketch out the different routes you could take. But it’s more than just numbers on a screen. These tools help us see your dreams more clearly. Maybe it’s exploring new horizons or making sure your loved ones are cared for. These tools paint a picture of how these dreams can merge with your financial reality.

Our Planning Process

Client Introduction Call


During our initial meeting, we make it a priority to get to know you and your family.  We inquire about your financial position, make note of any challenges, and identify what is uniquely important to you

Discovery Meeting

We’ll help you define your goals and gather the important information we need to move forward with the planning process.

Strategy Design

We’ll use our knowledge and 30+ years of experience to incorporate everything you’ve provided into a comprehensive financial plan using MoneyGuidePro, the software program that gives you online access to your plan 24/7.

Implement Plan

Using the proprietary features of MoneyGuidePro, you get the final say on what your plan looks like. We’ll take your decisions and provide investment advice and risk management strategies that fit with your objectives.

Ongoing Monitoring and Review

Since life keeps changing, ongoing communication will be essential for your plan’s success. We’ll ensure that your plan is adjusted when necessary and that you stay on track to meet your goals.

People First, Always

Remember, though, these tools don’t replace the human touch – they amplify it. As financial planners, we’re here to listen and understand you. The tools do the math; we do the planning. This mix lets us turn your values into a plan that truly fits.

A Path That Flexes with You

A plan isn’t a one-time thing. Life shifts, and so can your goals. With our personal approach and the insights from our tools, we keep your plan up to date. It’s a journey we take together, making sure your financial path stays tailored to you.

We stand for personal financial planning. By blending our personal touch with smart tools, we uncover what you really want. After all, your financial journey should be as unique as you are.

All Based on Your Goals

Designing a financial plan involves understanding the financial and lifestyle goals of our clients.

Our team will construct a strategy that aims to build and preserve wealth over the course of a lifetime. Retirement planning, education planning, tax and estate planning, and risk management services are elements of a financial plan. Our team has built a process that is designed to help you reach your goals and guide you along the path towards financial independence.

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